“I taught high school in the Central Valley. My wife is a doctor at UC Davis Health. Today, I lead a youth program that inspires young people to embrace their potential to become leaders.”

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  • There is not a clear line of communication between the district, unions, and parents.
  • During the strike, parents were left in the dark about what the strike was about, childcare options, and whether the school would make up the days.
  • Parents reached out to the current board and were met with radio silence.
  • This lack of communication & lack of transparency furthered the divide and broke trust. I’m committed to speaking the truth and giving everyone clear information regardless of whether it’s good or bad news.
  • I will ensure that I remain responsive and communicate with parents, students, teachers, and staff so that everyone knows what is happening in the district.


  • Our current board asked teachers to take a $10,000 salary cut while almost simultaneously voting to give the superintendent a salary raise. Since he was elected, his salary has gone up nearly 45%. This superintendent has a 90% vote of no confidence.
  • I would ensure that folks who are not performing at a level adequate to our children’s needs in this district are not let in such powerful positions of power.

Equitable spending

  • We have over 100 million in reserve funds. Yet, we have a funding formula running on a scarcity model. I want to ensure we put money where it belongs. To help teachers receive good pay, professional development, mental health services, and anything else needed to recruit and retain the folks who are caring for our children.
  • We have 150 vacancies for a district of 40,000 kids whereas neighboring Elk Grove has 20 vacancies for 60,000 kids. We need to work collaboratively and understand what other folks are doing better, and spread our funding to children and schools with the most need.


Dem Clubs

  • California Young Democrats
  • Sacramento County Young Dems
  • College Democrats of Sacramento State
  • Davis College Democrats
  • Queer Dems of Sacramento County
  • Town and Country Democratic Club of Sacramento
  • Environmental Dems of Sacramento
  • Women Dems of Sacramento County
  • Wellstone Dems
  • Harry S. Truman Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento
  • California Democratic Council
  • Dolores Huerta Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento


  • Sacramento City Teachers Association
  • Sacramento Labor Council – AFL CIO
  • SEIU 1021


  • Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra
  • Amar Shergill, CDP Progressive Caucus Chair
  • Ro Khanna, United States Representative D-
  • Ash Kalra, CA State Assembly Member, D –
  • Robin Rahil, Community Advocate
  • April Ybarra, Parent and Advocate
  • Duke Cooney, Measure U Commissioner/ Community Advocate
  • Fernando Rodriguez, Sac City Unified teacher

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