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“As a Foundation program director, a youth organization President, and a high school teacher, I’ve dedicated myself to making systems work for young people.”

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As a community advocate, former high school teacher, and the Director of Programs at California ChangeLawyers, Jasjit knows how a good public education can change the trajectory of someone’s life. Jasjit is committed to making Sacramento Unified School District a place where students, parents, community members, teachers, and school staff can work together to ensure our children receive the education they deserve. 

As a child, Jasjit’s journey through the public education system led him to become a public school teacher in the Central Valley. Jasjit experienced how a lack of support can deprive teachers of resources and the ability to help their students to the best of their abilities. 

As a teacher, Jasjit observed several inequities that teachers and students face through the educational and justice systems. Witnessing those inequities led Jasjit to enroll in law school. During law school, Jasjit volunteered and worked for multiple renowned civil rights and human rights organizations focused on the community, including Jakara Movement, Sikh Coalition, and Ensaaf.

As the Director of Programs at ChangeLawyers California, Jasjit steers the organization’s grants, scholarships, and policy work to empower students, lawyers, and organizations to uplift underrepresented communities while building a better justice system for us all. As the Board President of Jakara Movement, the largest youth organization of its kind in the United States, Jasjit empowers Sikh youth to feel designated by their culture and heritage rather than shying away from what makes them different. He led the organization during a time in which they developed a team that advocates for labor rights in the Central Valley for Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong communities and a team to address the COVID-19 pandemic by providing vaccines and masks throughout California. 

As your next Sacramento Unified School Board Trustee, he will ensure that every community is represented and heard. Jasjit started this journey at the Sacramento City Teacher Association Strike, where he listened to teachers, community members, classified staff, union members, students, and parents about their concerns. He spoke to teachers at schools with a high turnover rate due to a lack of resources and support from the Sacramento Unified School District Board and superintendent. 

Jasjit lives in Sacramento with his wife, Jasmeen, a physician at UC Davis, and their dog, Baloo.

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